Funeral of Trevor Pirt 1955- 2019

   Seven members of the branch attended the funeral of Trevor who was a regular attendee of Meriden Branch club meetings. They were Keith, John Nelson, John Stonard, Geoff, Gerald, Colin and me. We met at the Meriden Club and then rode to Trevor's home at Eaves Green mobile home site.

We were supposed to meet the funeral party there at 11.30 but they arrived at 11.45. The funeral was to take place at a church halfway up Charter Avenue. The hearse was a Triumph Thunderbird (1700 cc) The convoy then made its way down the A45 at speeds not normally associated with a hearse. At the Charter Avenue lights they managed to lose 3 bikes! I went straight on towards the Kenilworth Rd.  Keith and Geoff got delayed by the lights and lost the hearse. By the time I got back Keith was coming out from the crematorium Looking for the hearse whilst Geoff we last seen heading back towards the A45! Luckily John Nelson had told me where the church was so I was able to lead Keith to it.

The church was nearly full. The service included 2 hymns, memories from Trevor's 2 daughters and his friend from schooldays plus some Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin!

Gerald and Colin then returned home. Keith and I followed the hearse to the crem leaving John Stonard chatting to a young biker lady. After a short service Keith and I proceeded to the wake at the Bull and Butcher, Corley Moor. We stayed for about an hour chatting to various people and arranging for details of Trevor’s bikes to be sent to me on the clubs behalf.

Also £150 in donations was to be given to the Air Ambulance on our behalf as our chosen charity.

Barry, 05,03,19.