Meriden Branch Report  January 2014

Since breaking my leg in early October I have not been getting around much so blagging the odd lift out has been important to me. When Barry Heath from Meriden branch, who lives near me, was thinking of going to the bike show at Newark in early January and I said if he was taking the car I'd like a lift so as to get out of the house.

Well he not only gave me a lift up there, he also scrounged the loan of an electric scooter from a friend who has a spare for me to go round the show on - What a hero.

On the way up Barry said if I got the entrance tickets that would be my share of the trip expenses, so I rolled up to the ticket booth on the mobility scooter and was told while I had to pay my carer got in free. - Carer, we laughed and accepted the offer.

Met a number of people at the show - Ken Talbot, chairman of TOMCC - David and Diana Jackson from Lincoln, who I bought the Speedmaster tow bar from - Dave Barton from the BMF Council to name but a few. Splendid day out though my feet got surprisingly cold sitting still in the electric chair all day. Walking has all sorts of benefits that you only notice when you have to stop doing it.

There was a bigger section of scooters on the show than I remember seeing in any other show. We need to see more mixing of bikes and scooters, we are all facing the same legislation after all. I have put some pictures on the Meriden web site of interesting machines in the show.

Keep safe,

John Nelson

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