Here is a list of suppliers, dealers and manufacturers that members of the Meriden branch have had dealings with.

Neither the T.O.M.C.C. or the Meriden branch are endorsing the following as being legal, decent and honest companies or individuals (we have no reason to think they are not).

If any complaints about bad service or malpractice are forwarded to the Meriden Branch via the Webmaster then the link may be removed.

Warwickshire and Northants Air Ambulance

Suppliers of all manner of things for Triumphs

An excellent site for all Triumph marques.

Suppliers of classic Triumph parts

Ex army equipment and bike spares

Freehand lining and pinstriping


National website and forum

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TOMCC New Zealand

British Motorcyclists Federation

Protecting motorcyclist's rights at all levels

Helmets, clothing, kit and accessories

Alternator and Ignition Rewinds

Helmets, clothing , luggage, service parts

Scrubbers Leathers

Motorcycle clothing cleaned and repaired

Tel:  0845 260 6766

Batteries for Motor cars and Motorcycles

Heart of England Social Club

B Pearson Vehicle trim and upholstery

Call Bruce on  024 7644 8472

Spon Gate Motorcycles, Spon End, Coventry,

Ken Bromley   024 7622 5111

MOT (say you are a TOMCC member) old bike friendly

Batteries, Bulbs, Brake pads, Oils etc

Linear Projects, Martindale Road, CV7 9ET


07966 465844 (always phone first)

Aluminium welding, Fabrications, Sheet metal work etc.

Meriden Branch regalia from Redline

National Association for Bikers with a Disability

A&E Motorcycles

Adam Erzen


Unit 11, Runway Farm, Honiley Road,

Meer End, CV8 1NQ

National Motorcycle Museum

Museum “LIVE” day

BMS Motorcycle Manuals

Knowledgeable suppliers of Classic Triumph parts

TMS Nottingham