Meriden Branch Report June 2018

After making all the arrangements for the four day trip to Wales Len and Julie were unable to go due to Len needing an urgent scan on his leg. I believe the trip went well, I was just told they had some rain. To be expected in Wales I suppose.

The Meriden Megaride which we help the Rotary Club to put together went well despite a change of start point for the ride in. Plenty of Triumphs and lots of other makes, even a couple of learners on smaller bikes. Back at the site there was lots going on and a great band. Two of our members  won trophies for their bikes, Rich with his Daytona Super 3 and Reg with his Tiger Cub. It was good to meet some of our newer members.  I think all those who helped with the setting up and taking down deserve a pat on the back on what was the hottest day of the year so far. I hope all the charity stalls had a good day too.

This could be my last report due to some who obviously think they can do a better job. I am sure they have all the answers so this is their chance to shine, pity they didn't come forward at our AGM.

Don't forget our Bring it Home Rally is on the 3rd to 5th August at Barkers' Butts RFC.

Finally, welcome to new members Mark Lepkowski, Simon Kings, Ian Smith and Phillip Lum.

Safe riding,


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Some only came for the buns

The Firm, an excellent band

Bikes are just bigger these days

Richie won best modern bike

Not all the old bikes were local

Johnny Reg won

best classic