Meriden Branch Report April 2017

Hello again members.

                                  First apologies for the tardiness of this missive.  At the end of last month I got a huge update for my laptop since which I have been beset and bedevilled by a string of technical gremlins.  Ho hum

Anyway on we go.  We started April with a fund raising auto jumble on the 2nd for our main charity the Warwickshire and Northamptonshire Air Ambulance.  I think it behoves me to explain how we go about this as there have been some comments about the amount we charge for items at such sales and that if we charged more we could donate more.

   The idea is that we take in goods and old tools from members that are willing to donate them, (motorcycle based if possible) we clean them up and sort them into items suitable for the Tools Stall we have at our Auto Jumble, the Megaride and Coventry Motofest.

We display them and ask for donations from other Members to whom they may be useful, thus recycling these items mainly within the Branch for the benefit of Members and leaving it up to the individual to donate the amount they are happy to pay.

The Megaride and Coventry Motofest are open to the public and we do have suggested prices for items which we put forward to potential purchasers.

We don't want to be stuck with items not selling at all, the idea is to keep the donations of items coming in and sell on as much as we can, which benefits the charity too.

Some better items are used to raise funds for charity at the Branch Rally Raffle.   

Julie and Len make sure that every single penny raised is donated to Charity, and we donate our time cleaning and sorting the items and organising the sales

At the Auto Jumble on April 2nd we raised £132.00 for the Air Ambulance, with Martin and John S. donating their sales to us too.

Then on the 16th Martin led a convoy of 18 bikes from the clubhouse to the Acorns Children’s Hospice in Birmingham where they donated over £400.00 in Amazon vouchers.

On the 27th members attended Solihull Fire Station for a Biker Down course.

Alan Green and his colleague Lenny put together a very informative and light-hearted presentation of what is a very serious subject. The first person on the scene can make all the difference as to whether someone lives or dies,  if they know what to do.

They went through the recognised procedures that all the emergency services follow when attending an incident, from scene safety to dealing with the injured.

We got to practice CPR on the dummies (not each other)! and under supervision we practiced removing a motorcycle helmet off Carl.

There was also a presentation showing how different colours show up to other road users i.e. Yellow Hi-vis blends with the background in autumn if you are out riding in the countryside etc.

All that attended received a first aid kit for on their bike, a certificate, a cuppa and a tour of the Fire Engine.

14 of us were there that night, so thanks for making the effort guys and a big ‘Thank You to Alan and Lenny for putting up with us.

If anyone else wants to do this training there are other dates later in the year available;

Fri  25th August 7pm

Sat 26th August 10am



Please contact Julie in the first instance ASAP and she will put you in contact with Alan who is running these courses.

Then there was the Bike 4 Life at RAF Cosford on the 30th.  We had a meet at the Toby Carvery where the branch laid on breakfast for those who wanted one.  In total there were 11 bikes on the run to Cosford itself where the festival was once again a massive success.

Again it is my great pleasure to welcome new members Jason Hickman and Stephen Spencer.

Now for our upcoming events:

June 2nd – 4th.  Coventry Motofest.  The branch stand will be in attendance here.  Final details are to be confirmed.

Sunday 4th.  The Klondyke Steam rally.  Meet at the clubhouse 9:30 for 10am set off.

June 6 – 8th.  Bikers retreat.  Elan valley trip.  There are still places available for this so please contact Julie ASAP if you would like to go.

Sat 10th. Daventry motorcycle festival.  10 for 10:30 set off from the Long Ichington Diner.

Sun 18th.  Banbury run Gaydon.  Branch stand will be in attendance.  Details TBC.

Sun 25th.  Meriden Megaride.  Branch stand will be in attendance.

Mon 26th.  Cassington Bike Night.  2 for 2:30 set off from Stratford bike park.

Finally there are some semi permanent fixture you might be interested in:

Every Tuesday Morning.  Touchdown Café, Wellesburne Mountford Airfield, Loxley Lane, Wellesbourne, CV35 9EU.

Every Wednesday morning.  Hoar Park Craft Village, Ansley, Nuneaton, CV10 0QU.

First Thursday of each month 6pm.  Kineton Sports and Social Club.  Little Kineton, Warwickshire, CV35 0DT.  Classic car and bike meet.  (May – October)

Second Thursday of each month 6:30.  Harbury Rugby Club, Middle Road, Harbury, CV33 9JN.  Classic Car and bike night.  Clubhouse facilities open.  (May – October)

Well at last I have defeated the gremlins and finished this report.  So until the next one, be well and ride safely.  Best regards, Alistair.

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