Meriden Branch Report August 2017

Hello all,

poor Alistair is not too well again so I've been given the job.

Our Bring It Home Rally at the beginning of August went well with attendees coming from the four corners of the UK. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves enough to return next year. Our planned Daytona event was a bit of a damp squib with only two from each era turning up, which at least made judging easy. Many thanks to the judges Bill Fannon, Darryl Pendlebury and Roy Shilling.

Saturday 12th nineteen of us visited the Vulcan Bomber at Wellesbourne airfield. We were shown all around, even into the cramped cockpit and navigators area, by experienced crew and volunteers. Tea and biscuits and the obligatory photo shoot, and all for a worthwhile donation.

Next day, Sunday 13th, ten riders displayed their bikes at the Warwick Classic Vehicle Day. A good day out I am told.

The 20th saw close to 20 bikes take a ride to the Toddington Steam and Ale festival. Pity that most of the ale was drunk the previous day. We met up with even more members who had made their own way from the Redditch area. The return ride took us up Fish Hill which I believe has been widened and straightened over the years, but still claims a few victims.

Funny how all rides finish with tea and cakes at Wren Hall on the return journey.

Check your emails and the web site for upcoming rides and events.


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