Meriden Branch Report June 2020

An important message from lan Ellis:

 "The latest news on our Bring it Home Rally is that the rugby club will not be able to host the event thls year due to the Covid-19 restrictions and social distancing. Therefore, it is cancelled, but we would like to thank all you lovely people who have let us know that you would attend if it went ahead. Hope to see you all next year".

It is still in our minds to organise some kind of run in the very near future, In fact, by the time you read this it may have been arranged so please look on our website or on Facebook. If you are on our email mailing list, then you may have already received nodfication. If you are not on the Iist, then it is in your interest to email Ian and ask him to add you to our ever-growrng list.

I was hoping to take my Tina back to the N.E.C. Classic Car and Bike Show in November just to confound those who doubted whether it would be rebuilt by then! We will not attend, as a club even if the show is held.

The Heart Of England Club re-opened on 6thJuly. Please bring your bike along on Mondays. We are socially distancing.

A couple of our members have been out and about doing the Landmark Challenge.

Please tell us what you have been doing.

We welcome 2 new members this month, Neil Payne and John Wyartt.

Barry Heath

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Page edited 21 July 2020