Meriden Branch Report November 2020

I think that we will all be glad to see the end of 2020! We never got chance to start activities before we were locked down! We were able to meet on Monday evenings for the first several weeks which are always a good chance to chat about biking activities – amongst other topics. During the summer most of us were out there fettling and polishing – did I mention that I am rebuilding a Tina?

When finally we were allowed out our organiser of runs, Keith, arranged a number of well attended rides to localish places of interest; as summarised in previous reports.

You may have read about my own ‘little jaunt’  including riding from John O’Groats  to Lands End. (report on the branch web site) As well as for my own amusement I also did it for the ‘Save the Children’ global charity. My fund is closing very soon so please donate if you have not already done so.   

Accompanying this report will be a couple of photos of past events to remind us of better times in the past and in the future.

On behalf of the committee I would like to thank those of you who have supported the branch in the past 12 months, and hope that you will do so next year when, I am sure, we will emerge from this situation and resume normal life. Best wishes for the festive season and for the coming year.   


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Page edited 01 December 2020