Branch Report - February 2012

We were off to Stratford-upon-Avon on Wednesday 8th February 2012, Keith Snell organised an evening visit to the “Performance Triumph” dealership (this is also Stratford R.A.T.’s home ground).

It was a very cold night but that did not perturb TOMCC members and R.A.T. members as they all met up and enjoyed a pleasant evening.

There were plenty of Motorcycles to drool over (some did this more than others!) and Pete Jennings the Principal Dealer at Stratford Triumph and his staff made us all feel very welcome, he also supplied a nice buffet to kept the hunger at bay.

After nibbles we all sat down for an informal chat from Steve Hill (R.A.T. spokesperson) we swapped calendar events and discussed ideas for getting together throughout the coming year.

Hopefully our newly forged relationships with R.A.T. will grow from strength to strength.

Thanks to all those involved who made this a great night out.  

On the 27th we had our AGM. 33 members managed to make it to the meeting L

It seemed like all the old guard were going to throw the towel in together but thankfully they were convinced to be re-appointed. After much muttering, pleading and threats, some members started to think long and hard about what part they could play on the committee and as 23:00hrs was approaching and we all wanted to go home, some members weakened to temptation and took on the homeless positions that were up for grabs.  The committee from now on is;

Chairman: John S. Nelson.   General Secretary: Martin Wake.  Membership Secretary:  Ian Ellis. Treasurer: Ian Kay.  Webmaster: Bob Johnson.

Show Liaison Officer: Carol Woodall.  Communications Officer: Denis O’Neil.  Runs Organiser:  Keith Snell. Rally/Events Manager: Scott McAllister.  Branch Scribe: Kaz King.

Our Calendar is filling up fast (yippee)

18th March - Mods ‘n’ Rockers run from Craftsman Pub, Beake Avenue, Cov 9.30am

25th March - Mike Hailwood Run from H.o.E Club 11am.

15th April - TOMCC AGM. (see separate ad)   

22nd April - Spring Run, Prescott Hill Climb Stratford Bike Park 9am

Bring it Home Rally 29th June – 1st July 2012   Everyone welcome. For more details contact Scott on 07732335703

Finally, a warm welcome to our new members:

Brian King

Peter Foreman

Keith Franklin

Kira Ellis

Steve Richards

Adrian Lovett

Ride Safe - ttfn


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